4 Types of Mercury-Free Dental Implant Materials

Mercury is not good for health in any shape if it is introduced to the body. Most of the times in veteran style of dentistry, we used to have silver filling with the help of liquid mercury. At that time is was the best treatment to restore the health of teeth. With the passage of time it has been identified that any treatment especially fillings with the assistance of mercury are not feasible at all for the body.

The silver fillings that were introduced were made up of mercury; they are not good to induced into the body. That is why the free of mercury dentistry has been evolved with the advent of new research techniques. The new dentistry techniques have advanced methodology to remove the old silver fillings with new prosthetics that are feasible for health.

The dentist works with 4 alternates of fillings in replacement of mercury fillings.

The Ceramic dental fillings:

The ceramic fillings possess natural looks and are stronger. The decades of hardship from the dentists have discovered this solution. There are some teeth that need cleaning and strong treatment for long lasting effects. The ceramic implants are made up from, zirconium. The zirconium does resemble with titanium. Most of the dentists use Zirconium oxide that is favorable to the body and does not affect the body and its immune system at all.  People today have lots of allergies that can be ignited through metal implants that is why the Ceramic dental implant helps is growing a lot as they do not cause allergies at all.

Zirconia Implants and Zeramex Implants:

Zirconia is a good natured material that works well and protects your teeth from the corrosion. It is a material that will never trigger the reactions if different chemicals are induced in the body. Different toothpastes have different chemicals. The zirconia implant is not affected by any chemical nor does it impart any dangerous chemical reaction. The Zirconia implant works with one thing that works for the protection of teeth from the bacterial augmentation. Whereas the Zeramex Implants works in a two way process that offers protection of teeth from the bacteria and protection of the bone health as well. You might get confuse between both the implants which one is better.

Your dentist will be the one, who will tell you which one is best suited for you at the moment after checkup.

The Titanium Implants:

The Titamium implants are good and strong as they are induced in the gums and bones and it heals with the passing time. This implant has been approved from the U.S food and drug authority in the year 1980.

As the time has passed by the immune system of the people have started getting weaker due to different type of food intake. The major concern of Titanium implant is that there are people who have allergy from Titanium and can cause severe reactions in the body.

This is the major concern, for that matter the Zirconia implant and the Zeramax implant are considered to be more useful with all the health benefits. As this implant is made up of titanium most of the dentists prefer this implant.

If you face any problem regarding your oral cavity it may be related to teeth, gums or tongue, you need to get it tested from the Roseburg dentist prior to the treatment. There might be a situation when you didn’t have a proper checkup and you start having problems with the treatment. So it is better to have a through checkup with proper tests in order to have the best suitable treatment for your oral cavity.


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